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Creative Coding and Computational Art

von Ira Greenberg

Beschreibung vom Herausgeber

If you're interested in creating cutting-edge code-based art and animations, you've come to the right place! Processing (available at www.processing.org) is a revolutionary open source programming language and environment designed to bridge the gap between programming and art, allowing non-programmers to learn programming fundamentals as easily as possible, and empowering anyone to produce beautiful creations using math patterns. With the software freely available, Processing provides an accessible alternative to using Flash for creative coding and computational art--both on and off the Web.

This book is written especially for artists, designers, and other creative professionals and students exploring code art, graphics programming, and computational aesthetics. The book provides a solid and comprehensive foundation in programming, including object-oriented principles, and introduces you to the easy-to-grasp Processing language, so no previous coding experience is necessary. The book then goes through using Processing to code lines, curves, shapes, and motion, continuing to the point where you'll have mastered Processing and can really start to unleash your creativity with realistic physics, interactivity, and 3D! In the final chapter, you'll even learn how to extend your Processing skills by working directly with the powerful Java programming language the language Processing itself is built with.

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  1. Code Art
  2. Creative Coding
  3. Code Grammar 101
  4. Computer Graphics, the Fun, Easy Way
  5. The Processing Environment
  6. Lines
  7. Curves
  8. Object-Oriented Programming
  9. Shapes
  10. Color and Imaging
  11. Motion
  12. Interactivity
  13. 3D
  14. 3D Rendering in Java Mode