• Erschienen: 16.09.2009
  • Herausgeber: Mark Batty Publisher
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Designing Imperfection

von Iman Moradi, Ant Scott, Joe Gilmore, Christopher Murphy

Beschreibung vom Herausgeber

A "glitch" usually fixes itself in the amount of time it takes for it to be noticed in the first place, whether as a scrambled cable television delay, a page-loading error on an internet browser or a jumble of pixels on an ATM interface. Glitch: Designing Imperfection consists of over 200 glitch images grabbed, composed and provoked by artists who present these complex fragments of color and lines as thought-provoking mistakes that merit being considered in an aesthetic sense, no matter if as art or as advertising. Artists like Angela Lorenz, O.K. Parking and Karl Klomp muse about what glitches mean to them. The images and text in Glitch capture the fact that no one can deliberately make a mistake, although mistakes are often the greatest sources of inspiration.