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Beautiful Visualization

Looking at Data through the Eyes of Experts

von Julie Steele, Noah Iliinsky

Beschreibung vom Herausgeber

Visualization is the graphic presentation of data -- portrayals meant to reveal complex information at a glance. Think of the familiar map of the New York City subway system, or a diagram of the human brain. Successful visualizations are beautiful not only for their aesthetic design, but also for elegant layers of detail that efficiently generate insight and new understanding.

This book examines the methods of two dozen visualization experts who approach their projects from a variety of perspectives -- as artists, designers, commentators, scientists, analysts, statisticians, and more. Together they demonstrate how visualization can help us make sense of the world.
  • Explore the importance of storytelling with a simple visualization exercise
  • Learn how color conveys information that our brains recognize before we're fully aware of it
  • Discover how the books we buy and the people we associate with reveal clues to our deeper selves
  • Recognize a method to the madness of air travel with a visualization of civilian air traffic
  • Find out how researchers investigate unknown phenomena, from initial sketches to published papers

Enthaltene Autoren

Nick Bilton,Michael E. Driscoll,Jonathan Feinberg,Danyel Fisher,Jessica Hagy,Gregor Hochmuth,Todd Holloway,Noah Iliinsky,Eddie Jabbour,Valdean Klump,Aaron Koblin,Robert Kosara,Valdis Krebs,JoAnn Kuchera-Morin et al.,Andrew Odewahn,Adam Perer,Anders Persson,Maximilian Schich,Matthias Shapiro,Julie Steele,Moritz Stefaner,Jer Thorp,Fernanda Viegas,Martin Wattenberg,and Michael Young

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  1. On Beauty
  2. Once Upon a Stacked Time Series
  3. Wordle
  4. Color: The Cinderella of Data Visualization
  5. Mapping Information: Redesigning the New York City Subway Map
  6. Flight Patterns: A Deep Dive
  7. Your Choices Reveal Who You Are: Mining and Visualizing Social Patterns
  8. Visualizing the U.S. Senate Social Graph (1991–2009)
  9. The Big Picture: Search and Discovery
  10. Finding Beautiful Insights in the Chaos of Social Network Visualizations
  11. Beautiful History: Visualizing Wikipedia
  12. Turning a Table into a Tree: Growing Parallel Sets into a Purposeful Project
  13. The Design of "X by Y"
  14. Revealing Matrices
  15. This Was 1994: Data Exploration with the NYTimes Article Search API
  16. A Day in the Life of the New York Times
  17. Immersed in Unfolding Complex Systems
  18. Postmortem Visualization: The Real Gold Standard
  19. Animation for Visualization: Opportunities and Drawbacks
  20. Visualization: Indexed.